Current Trends in Pharmacovigilance

Pharmacovigilance, also known as drug safety, is the pharmacological science relating to the collection, detection assessment, monitoring and prevention of adverse effects with pharmaceutical products.The latest news is the outbreak of coronavirus which has been declared as the global emergency, by WHO, as it could spread to countries with fragile health systems. The scientists from china isolated the virus but didn’t share the sample, but the virus genetic sequence has been made available to the international researchers. However, researchers from Melbourne has isolated the virus from the first diagnosed person with infection in Australia. Now, this sample has been shared to the research labs around the world (recommended by WHO) to develop the accurate diagnostic tests and vaccines. This infection can be treated in two ways: antivirals and antibody vaccines but the most reliable method (in aspect of time and efficacy) vaccines are more preferable. Many companies are ready and agreed…

“Real World Evidence from Retrospective Study: A New Approach”

Choosing the best accessible therapeutic and preventive measures to avoid suffering from diseases leading to disability and death is an important goal for all health care professionals. To accomplish this objective, the health care community seeks information on data to support critical decision making while choosing interventions during clinical practice. A retrospective clinical study looks backward in time, usually using the medical records and interviews with patients who are already known to have a medical condition. The study looks backward and examines exposures to suspected risk or protection factors in relation to an outcome which is established at the beginning of the study. A “Retrospective study” is played out a posteriori, utilizing data on occasions that have occurred previously. In most cases, some or most of the information has just been assembled and put away in the library. In a retrospective study, different patient populations can be compared to one or several outc…

Benefits of Medical Monitoring for Clinical Trials

The benefits of doing Medical Monitoring for Clinical Trials research include experiential learning that has the potential lead to practice change and improved patient outcomes that are evidence-based. Clinical trials are logical research contemplates where new medications, treatment strategies, and indicative systems are connected to getting human patients all together decide their well-being and viability. Clinical preliminaries are basic to guarantee that medication treatment is ok for the mass market. The expense of directing a clinical preliminary for medication is rising like mercury on a sweltering summer evening.  A clinical trial starts with an idea. Researchers in a lab notice something they haven’t anticipated or think of something that could enhance the results they get that can also be applied elsewhere. Abiogenesis team who are highly skilled staff and well-versed in implementing Protocol writing, Medical monitoring, and managing clinical study reports.

During Monitorin…

Clinical Research Services for Biologics and Pharmaceutical Companies

Abiogensis Clinpharm is aSpecialised Clinical Research Organization (CRO) offering end-to-end clinical development for drugs, Bio-similars, Vaccines and devices across many therapeutic areas. Our comprehensive clinical research services provide successful clinical trialswith very cost effective way.

Our team has operational experience in conducting many trials and also well versed with many operational challenges. The team works in coordinated manner to meet timelines, budget, and delivery of quality data.

What are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials  also called as clinical research designed to evaluate safety and efficacy of promising therapeutic products having potential to reach market. Abiogenesis Clinpharm helps in conducting trials with ideal design considered optimum for a therapeutic product. As abest clinical research organisation in India, the team is well versed with appropriate recruitment strategies, quality procedures and essential data handling. We provide services in regulatory, medical writing and medical monitoring for clinical trials along with statistical analysis, clinical data management and post-marketing surveillance studies to the clients.Concerns on meeting sponsor timelines are exclusively addressed to get timely recruitment and putting operational methods in place which makes conduct of the trial easier. Abiogenesis Clinpharm Private Limited would be the best partner for pharmaceutical,NutraceuticalandMedical Device Companies worldwide to carry the development of their promising and pot…